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17th Street Tangy Pit Beans Our Famous Pulled Pork + BBQ Sauce & Magic Dust
We're famous for these premium baked beans and they're Mike's granddaughter, Faye Landess's, favorite. Their sweet smoky flavor is an excellent complement to barbecue. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST CHOOSE 1- or 2-DAY SHIPPING for food items! Must choose 1-day shipping for food items. We've won almost as many awards for our pork as we have for our ribs and our pulled pork sandwich is featured in the "Top 10 BBQ Restaurants in the US" on and on several shows on Food Network and the Travel Channel. Must choose 1-day shipping for food items.
2 slabs Apple City Grand World Champion Baby Back Ribs + BBQ Sauce & Magic Dust 17th Street BBQ Feast
17th Street BBQ Feast
Our Price: $138.00
"Mike Mills is the Muhammed Ali of ribs" and "Top 10 BBQ in America" ...  "Best ribs in America" Bon Appetit magazine... winner of a record four World Champion and three Grand World Champion trophies at Memphis in May. Must choose 1-day shipping for food items. Mike Mills is affectionately called "The Legend" because of this barbecue. The 17th Street Feast includes 2 racks of our famous baby back ribs {12 bones each}, 2 lbs. of pulled pork {makes 8-10 sandwiches}, a half-gallon of our Tangy 17th Street Pit Beans {feeds 10-12} and a bottle of our Barbecue Sauce {choose from Original or Spicy} and Magic Dust.

Our ribs and pork are seasoned with Magic Dust and cooked low and slow in our pit over apple and cherry wood.  "You can put all of the sauce on it you want, but you still have to master the art of cooking barbeuce." Mike Mills

Weight includes product + gel packs. Price includes $10 for special shipping box. Kindly read Terms and Conditions carefully.

**PLEASE NOTE: The Feast generously feeds 8-10 people and is a very good value. The box is heavy and shipping is high. We have adjusted the price of the product and created two shipping zones to keep shipping prices much lower.

Questions, please call our office at 618-684-8902. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on MONDAY.